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Spacebeat – Fire Walk With Me [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain closes out the month of April with 'Fire Walk With Me' from label artist Spacebeat. The Hungarian imprint has stated that this will be their last peak time style release for a while, which I would guess means a focus on more of an organic house sound moving forward, while Stellar Black would continue in it's melodic house & techno, progressive style. The relationship between Spacebeat and Stellar Fountain goes back to 2012 with the release of 'Zero Point'. The next decade saw the Russian artist record six originals and six remixes for the Hungarian imprint while also landing releases via Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree and Massive Harmony Records. Now returning to Stellar Fountain Spacebeat unveils a new single alongside remixes from Ilya Gerus and Andre Moret.

Any track that references Twin Peaks is a bold move and Spacebeat has crafted a memorable progressive groover here. Like much of the Russian's most beloved tracks this comes in dark and edgy with an array of satisfying effects. Hugely hypnotic, it's a spacey arp and rolling percussion which play off the robust and driving low end. It makes for an energetic first act, perfectly setting up a meditative break and groovy finale that may remind older progressive music fans of some of Chab's best work.

The first interpretation finds Ilya Gerus returning to the label following his 'Taina' EP from February of last year. The Russian artist has been a regular in the progressive house underground for the better part of a decade, having racked up almost five hundred discography credits since first appearing in 2013. Now returning to Stellar Fountain for his third appearance Ilya provides a deeper take on 'Fire Walk With Me'. The tempo comes down and the general mood is much more organic, particularly in the drum and percussion elements. It's evolving textures may be it's strongest suit though, flowing freely into the break where a glowing blend of atmosphere and colour set the stage for a thumping finale.

Rounding out the release and also returning to the label is Andre Moret. The Brazilian artist has already made an impressive stamp on 2021 with remixes for Balkan Connection, Clubsonica Records, Nature Rec and Massive Harmony Records. Now continuing his prolific ways Andre dials in a dance floor ready remix of 'Fire Walk With Me'. Atop a warm, full bodied groove comes dynamic percussion, striking design and vibrant arpeggios. It’s a remarkable sonic marriage and one which makes for an energetic yet smooth journey, elegantly peaking as cascading, trance inspired arps delight across the main break, while a warm backdrop eventually gives way to a groovy finale. It caps off a well rounded release for Stellar Fountain, touching on both the progressive and organic spectrums of house music as the label moves forward into it's next chapter. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 23-04-2021

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