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Several Definitions – Intra Lumos (Baime Remix) [Infinite Depth]

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The first release of 2024 is quite a special one. Several Definitions is back on the label after his track on the latest VA. Now he brings us his 'Should We Given' EP, which includes two great remixes of debuting artists. The first one is by our Dutch friend Collé and the second one comes from the experienced Baime. The title track 'Should We Given' immediately sets the tone of this EP. The elements are nicely introduced during the intro, after which it gets cut down by the main groove. The high tension is guided by the mysterious voices and arp. Bringing it all towards a hard-hitting moment, you won't easy forget. In his remix Collé added a more swinging groove underneath some of the main parts of the original. Nevertheless, he managed to keep a lot tension by continuous make use of the vocal parts and ascending background atmospheres. The third track 'Intra Lumos' combines the darker low-freq elements with more euphoric synthwork. A track which consists of three parts. Where the middle part is the most impactful with twotight and sharp synths. The other parts are perfectly functioning as opposites with their blissful atmosphere. The final track of the EP is Baime his remix of 'Intra Lumos'. His characteristic raw lower components are accompanied by the more blissful elements taken from the original. He managed to keep the same structure, while making it a more vigorous composition.

Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/should-we-given/4385151
Release Date: 19-01-2024

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