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With the first release on Flown Records happening this week we have a quick stop and chat with one of the label owners and Sudbeat/Tale & Tone artist Scippo. Enjoy!

Hi Emi, thanks for joining us. We spoke to earlier this year so how has your winter been? And what plans do you have for the Argentinean summer?

I'm Glad to chat again with you guys :) I live in Barcelona so I had a really hot summer here, now planning the tour for the Argentinian summer.

The launch of your new label Flown Records is happening this week, please tell us first about the label and who is involved?

We are really excited about this project! Figueras and I are both the label managers also we have the support from Cid Inc. who is in charge of mastering the music and we’re working with Proton for the distribution.

How did you and the Figueras guys come together to start Flown?

I met the Figueras brothers from before but then they started taking music production classes a long time ago with me and we became really good friends so one day we were just sending music to different labels and we realise that sometimes is tough to join a label and sometimes not all labels give the importance that your music needs, so a year ago we came up with the idea of making our own record label.

The first release is an EP from yourself alongside remixes from Cid Inc and Figueras. First off tell us about your tracks and how they showcase your current sound?

The tracks Flown & Clot showcases myself moving to Barcelona, this track is the very first that I made when I arrived this beautiful city last year also with Flown we want to show 2 faces one intense and one soft to show 2 different sounds.

Walk us through the production on one of the tracks, whichever you feel is most interesting.

Both are jams with the Prophet 08 and Moog Sub37 through my pedals H9 and Avalanche Run for the sound design! And both showcases a different side of my sound, with “Flown” deep and soft and with “Clot” a little more Progressive.

Having Cid Inc as a remixer on your first release is amazing, was he someone you had in mind from the beginning? And what do you look for in a remixer when signing a new project to the label?

Yes, we’re really grateful with Cid Inc for the amazing remix he made for Flown on the first release, he’s our mastering engineer and we love how he makes music and how he make’s the music sound in big spaces so we asked for it and he quickly says “yes”. And yes, we had Cid Inc in mind from the beginning as we had a really good relationship. What we look for a remixer in Flown is his music, we don’t care about genres we only look for timeless and quality good music. Also, we have upcoming remixes from Tantum, Kabi & Ric Niels!

Running a label with two other people is an interesting endeavor, do you have different roles? And if so please elaborate. What advice do you have for artists hoping to get signed to Flown?

As we just started, we have the same roles and we’re so focused to cover all and always to learn on the path. No advice! Please, if you think your music could fit with Flown feel free to send your demo to flownyourself@gmail.com

Is big DJ play a factor in signing something? From someone like Hernan Cattaneo or Nick Warren for example. How important is this to you?

A big DJ could attract a lot of people to hear the label so that could work for us, but the most important thing is to keep the quality in the music.

Now that you own your own label how do you handle your new original music? How do you decide if you’d like to release them on Flown as opposed to sending them out as demos to other labels?

I have a lot of new music and I’d love to release it all on Flown. We’re planning yearly schedule so I’ll back soon, also we want to release music from other artists too :) I’ll keep sending my new music to other labels as I always did, but now thinking that if I make something I feel it's for Flown I'll keep it for the label.

What’s been going down well in your sets of late? Maybe give us five of your current favourites please.

Scippo & Figueras - Red Star [Flown Records] unreleased

Stereo Underground & D-Nox - Creativity [Desert Hearts Black]

Rober Babicz - Earth Ship [Systematic Recordings]

Luke Alessi - Everybody Dancing [Thick As Thieves]

Fabrice Mos - Starting World [Flown Records] unreleased

What does 2023 hold for both yourself and Flown? What future releases can we look forward to? Anything you can share with us?

I have some new releases next year a new EP, few remixes, downtempo, ambient and experimental music, also a collaboration with close friend and I hope that a lot of more music in the way! For Flown I hope the same, a lot of music and we hope to learn in this path.

Thanks to you for the chat!

'Flown / Clot' is available for pre-order via Flown Records: https://bit.ly/3TfLjaT

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