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Sassa – What It Was Feat. Chris Severe (Original Mix) [Lost On You]

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We are delighted to welcome Sassa to Lost on You, with his new " Fade To Grey EP". Sassa needs no introduction as her sound is universally known.

On his debut, Sassa introduces himself with an excellent piece that gives the album its title, "Fade To Grey", an impressive rework of the original Visage - Fade To Grey where the melodic techno elements are well present. The track uses a deep groove as its foundation, underpinned by deep bass and smooth synth chords where the vocals and Visage's signature lyrics unified by a deep kick drum and dark atmospheric emotion gradually work their way to the top. The composition climaxes by adding recurring percussive elements and soft drenched melodies that come together to create a structured sphere of sonic satisfaction. Clever synth phrases complete the picture to create an artfully crafted work of art.

The melodic soundscapes of the second track 'What It Was' round off this spectacular release. Sassa's influences are immediately evident, as subtle free-form concepts drift through the percussive-inspired instrumentations. Undulating melodies travel along with a deep kick that anchors an aural set-up to create a special moment of sonic infusion, complemented by an impressive groove that will leave a mark on your aural perception. Impressively textured pads that warm the soul and a strong melodically infused bassline provide the foundation for this inspired piece to unfold in delayed glory. To add even more virtuosity to "What it Was" Chris Severe is on vocals making this track an essential dancefloor track.

To finish this masterpiece, Sassa delivers "Astra" a collaboration with singer MATRU. The duo delivers a melodic, break-infused mix for the ages. Their Astra is driven by pulsating bass and tight drums as the two combine to speak. Like something from yesteryear, but with a totally fresh sound, this massive romp conf ined with a line of synths that dominate the whole time and elevate the amounts of energy increasing the momentum with lucid and stripped back elements, before the energetic groove creates a blanket of warmth that will put a smile on your face.

With Sassa's debut Lost on You, he takes his talents a step further to round off this brilliant, crowd-pleasing 3-track underground track. The EP is sure to find its way onto the playlists of the big guys' brigade. Another essential release from Lost on You from the heart, for the dance-loving soul.

Buy: bit.ly/3rhLirx
Release Date: 15-04-2022



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