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Sam Shure – Deviated [TAU]

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TAU proudly welcomes Sam Shure to our planet of musical wonder and discovery. The Berliner has been making waves since 2016, carrying on his family lineage by taking up music (his father is a renowned Egyptian jazz musician). Over the past seven years, Sam’s upwards trajectory has been buoyed by his natural talent and ability to weave organic sounds from a variety of sources into his productions. As a DJ and a producer, he embodies a worldly approach, utilising a myriad of sounds from around the globe to bring a distinctly human element to his compositions. The Deviated EP is Sam’s introduction to the TAU fraternity and it’s a stunning entrance from the Berliner…

The title track kicks off this four-tracker with a menacing, though pensive vibe. A combination of jaunty digital elements and a vicious riff gives the track balance. Before we know it, there’s a haunting, string-led breakdown, which gives us a little breather before we return to the ominous atmosphere.

‘Frontal’ is next, rolling out with a more pumping, tribal rhythm. Vocal clips and sounds are joined by the familiar funk of a ‘wah wah’ guitar, creating an effortless groove. Sam’s technical ability and musicality really comes through with the short breakdown and gnarly second half, with a superb switch up.

After that it’s ‘Maybe’, which features more of Sam’s exemplary drum programming. A soulful female vocal pops in and out of the background to give us a serenade. As the track progresses, it becomes more energised, an urgent riff drops in, and the vocals gain more prominence. By the time we enter the second half, the vibes are high and there’s unbridled dancing…

Lastly, ‘See Yourself’ takes it back to those primal, tribal elements with the beats going to work from the very beginning. A dense low end rumbles away, and a vocal clip appears intermittently to add dynamism to this cut. In typical style for Sam, this one progresses in a mesmerising manner. As he adds new layers of melody and harmony to the cut, the tension increases, and we’re locked into its groove.

Buy: bit.ly/Tau048
Release Date: 03-11-2023

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