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Sabo – Bomeno (Sol Selectas)

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Out now is the 100th release from the Sol Selectas record label which is marking the occasion with a new single by label owner Sabo.

It’s a percussive release that true to the Sol Selectas trademark style, is full of organic sounds and takes influence from world music culture. Sabo is well-known for his prime-time DJ sets at prestigious events like Burning Man and Coachella in his home country of America, but he is also internationally popular and regularly travels to play headline sets in countries around the world.

Sol Selectas has been the home of Sabo’s own productions and it seems fitting that he should be the one who composes the label’s 100th release.

Bomeno” is the track produced by Sabo and alongside the original version, is a remix by Hyenah who is a German artist known for being at the forefront of the Afro house scene. Hyenah is part of RISE CREW, which are also running the highly acclaimed RISE MUSIC label and the imprints accosted party series at Watergate in Berlin.

First up is the original mix of “Bomeno” which is a fusion of tribal percussion and stabbing synth chords to form the core of the track. The looped percussion becomes a hypnotic groove that has a mesmerising flow and the trippy vocal gives it a shamanistic vibe.

Hyenah’s remix most notably replaces the original’s percussion that is less busy, but still has an upbeat energy that carries the rest of the track. He also adds new synths that interact with a call and response that create a captivating sense of drama.

Sabo 'Bomeno' is out now on Sol Selectas


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