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Rod V – Refracted [Soundteller Records]

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Rod V returns to Deersky's Soundteller Records for a follow-up to his well received 'Understated' single. Released in November it was the Guatemala based artist's second appearance on the label while also laying claim to offerings on A Must Have and Silk Music. Now returning to Soundteller, Rod presents his first artist EP entitled 'Refracted'.

The timeless melodic nature of Rod's music has been duly noted and it continues on the lead piece 'Overline'. Mounds of swollen bass rumble at the foundation, smoothly flowing through chord changes as delicate arps pans in and out of the stereo field, before melting down into a tranquil break. Light, airy and a touch cinematic, the centrepiece captures your imagination, as frayed electronics and indistinct harmonies converge for blissful moments. Once that warm groove does drop it's quite magical while added modulation does wonders to advance the narrative during the third act.

The title selection is next and follows a similar sonic profile with warm mounds of bass and emotive tones leading the charge. The main break is gorgeous once again with lovely sonic artefacts and astral qualities throughout. What's so impactful is how emotion trails off into a cosmic mist and a relatively unexpected drop brings it full circle for what should be a massive dance floor moment.

The release concludes on a deeper note with the lovely 'Spaces'. The tempo drops and the groove opens up for a warm, charismatic journey. Drifting atmospheres combined with timeless musical qualities and a short but thought provoking break do wonders for the emotional storyboard, while it's reflective qualities feel perfect to round out the release. Three stunning tracks from Rod who is definitely an artist to follow if you like your progressive house musical and from the heart. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2CVw5Tl

Release Date: 28-01-2019

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