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PREMIERE: Robin Schellenberg & Rauschhaus – Trippin On Acid [Stil Vor Talent]

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We’re back in the capital with the 11th installment of the “Stil vor Talent Berlin” compilation series, which brings forth a group of old and new faces exclusively contributing tracks, gathered under the umbrella of one of Berlin’s refreshing delights – Spreepark.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the merry-go-rounds of the initial Kulturpark Plänterwald along the Spree River continued to spin, reborn as Spreepark. The fairground flourished until 2001, enticing Berliners with roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and a vibrant cultural program, transforming the riverbank into a verdant oasis of enjoyment. However, in 2001, the wheels of time came to a halt as nature reclaimed its space. Amidst the city, flora and fauna flourished, turning Spreepark into a mystical realm that captivated urban explorers navigating through the overgrown remnants of the past.

In 2016, a new chapter unfolded with the initiation of plans to rejuvenate Spreepark through collaborative efforts with Berliners to redefine the space. Jumping ahead to 2023, the city unveiled the first glimpse of the renewed Spreepark with the opening of a beer garden at the historic Eierhäuschen. The vision of a park seamlessly blending art, culture, and unique urban nature is gradually taking shape, with the entire Spreepark anticipated to welcome the public in 2026.

As always, music is the common denominator here and Oliver Koletzki delivers the perfect soundtrack with this new release, while Chrisse Kunst renders the visuals. The featured artists on this exceptional compilation include Jan René Lai, Kellerkind, Deckert & Sascha Home, Malandra Jr., Mila journée & Kiko, Jiggler & Vincent Marlice, Local Dialect, Annett Gapstream & Daniele Di Martino, Fur Coat, Robin Schellenberg & Rauschhaus, Ark Nomads & Cosmosolar, Steve Six, Björn Störig, and Deniz Kabu.

As the melodies of Stil vor Talent resonate, they serve not only as a musical tribute to Spreepark’s rich history but as an invitation to partake in the unfolding symphony of the park’s vibrant future. Join the ride!

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