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PREMIERE: Oovation – Solar (Verve Remix) [Mango Alley]

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Borne out of industrial landscapes and urban vitality, German techno innovation collides with inspired audio engineering; Oovation travels the "Solar" winds to bright lights and city backdrops. Dominant beat and metallic rhythms create an atmosphere full of portents, twisted and distorted sounds pierce the sonic spectrum with their angular saw waves. Crystalline edged sequences tumble and fall in random patterns as a rare intensity fills the airwaves, demanding attention and acquiescence to an unforgiving character.

Belarusian proficiency creates bold new meaning; Michael A, blessed with technique, skill and diversity, builds a pulsating, brooding work. White noise washes rush across the stereo sound stage; a train flashes through a tunnel as a wall of sound envelopes all, joining forces with background noise. A crescendo of stunning architecture builds through an aural montage of industrial sounds juxtaposed against bass line warmth of sun-kissed skies at dusk, spine-tingling beauty in subtle variation.

Trademark sonic Verve emerges from the Australian Sydney coastline. The sights and sounds of a sprawling metropolis transposed across a work of mechanised beauty. A jackhammer beat pounds the lower frequencies in perfect meter as hi-hats and sizzling snares create a stratified layer of mid-range sonics; the refracted array of light through patterned window scatters in shimmering percussive beauty. Coruscating arpeggios glitter in open-filtered glory, a twisting carriageway cuts through a stark and angular panorama, surrounded by an industrial heartland and a high-tech new world.

Dark steel of clouds and slate grey concrete, the gentle electric hum of a city alive with music.

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Release Date: 05-06-2017

► Verve ♫

► Mango Alley ♫

01. Oovation - Solar (Original Mix)
02. Oovation - Solar (Michael A Remix)
03. Oovation - Solar (Verve Remix)




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