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Pete Oak – Prophet Sun EP [Blindfold Recordings]

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Glass breaks. It’s Cinderella’s shoes - both of them - left on purpose on the way to a much better and much bigger party. The party is this EP Prophet Sun, and all the Cinderellas of the world will dance barefooted and throw their glass stilettos far away in the face of provocation. Prophet sun is the sound of a dainty princess going rogue for the first time. It’s the sound of an army of princesses with hands in the air, lose all inhibition and the notion of midnight curfews. There’s a wave of bass and melody madness rushing over Pete Oak’s little masterpiece on Prophet Sun, and it commands the listener to join and break control. Prophet Sun as a whole is a breathtaking piece of art, but the remix outlines the delicate steps of the melody in an extraordinarily exquisite fashion.

But that in itself is no wonder when the remix is pieced together by none other than Oliver Schories - a legendary music storyteller himself. The EP is the euphoric outcry of a fairytale character, breaking the rhythm and taking over the night instead of living forever after with glass cages on their feet. This is what makes them free. Be free.

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Release Date: 07-10-2016

► Oliver Schories ♫

► Blindfold Recordings ♫

01. Pete Oak - Prophet Sun (Original Mix)
02. Pete Oak - Askja (Original Mix)
03. Pete Oak - Prophet Sun (Oliver Schories Remix)



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