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Peet – Promise [Stellar Fountain]

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After a near two year hiatus Peet returns with a new single on Stellar Fountain this week. We last heard from the Hungarian artist in July of 2016 when his 'Pelagic' collaboration with Uvo was released on Intemporal Music. Now making a return to one of his primary homes in Stellar Fountain Peet presents his new single 'Promise' alongside remixes from Andres W, Roberto Traista and Smirre.

Two years is a long time and for fans of Peet's past Stellar Fountain and Traum releases this is certainly a welcome surprise which does not disappoint. It's quite unique in that it's essentially an atmospheric techno track but with a lot more emotion than you might expect. It's stripped framework and deliberate groove is quite straight forward but how the atmospheric elements and fuzzed out design work together is absolute magic. Reminds me of something you would have heard at peak time in a warehouse style party years ago and yet it still resonates strongly today.

Argentinean artist Andres W keeps the techno inspired sensibility in the groove but with a touch more bounce and presence. The effects and atmosphere are stunning, quite airy and celestial sounding which the plucky rhythmic elements seem to work so well off of. A great remix from Andres.

Next up Roberto Traista returns to the label for his second appearance which follows an EP on ICONYC to end 2017. The Hungarian artist has been widely regarded for his cross pollination of progressive house and techno so this is certainly an apt project for him to be a part of. He's added more of a proggy twist to 'Promise' with a warmer, fuller groove and two intertwined melodic themes that work well together. Void of any massive break the track is cleverly split up into sections with quick drops and smooth transitions advancing the storyboard towards a gorgeous finale.

The release concludes with the debut of Smirre who is one of the latest artists to emerge from Hungary's burgeoning progressive scene. There's some nice variation on the main themes here which ultinateluy drive a pumping first act. The dusty sweeps sound fabulous as the main break commences and the quiet calm which comes over the track is lovely, eventually melting down to a trail of sonic artefacts before the groove drops for a powerful moment. A great first release for Smirre who will definitely be someone to look out for in 2018 and a much welcome return from Peet as well. A fabulous offering from Stellar Fountain once again.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2pQHRaV

Release Date: 02-04-2017

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