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Paul Kardos – Downpour [Soundteller Records]

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Paul Kardos makes a welcome return to Deersky's Soundteller Records this week with 'Downpour'. Having released his mini concept album 'Metamorphosis' in September of last year the Hungarian artist has since appeared on Nick Warren's Hope Recordings with a collaborative EP alongside fellow progressive house pundit Alex O'Rion. Now returning to Poland's premiere imprint, Paul presents a brand new four track artist showcase.

Paul's uncanny knack for crafting groovy, emotive progressive house has been noted by many and it's an ethos he continues to explore and expand upon across the 'Downpour' collection. Beginning with 'Firm Resolution' we're treated to a storyboard of redolent grooves and airy atmospherics. Spacious and funky, the low end really shines here, perfectly sculpted and with great character while a modest topline and enchanting harmonics deliver a stunning break. The title selection follows, coming in a touch deeper, more emotive and no less compelling. Warm and spacious, it’s full bodied framework chugs along beautifully as wonky themes and wispy effects converge in a perfect sonic marriage. Charming in nature, the break melts right down to gleaming tones and astral effects, gently building towards a tastefully restrained drop and wistful finale.

The EP’s halfway point is marked with the peak time appeal of ‘Firm Resolution’. It’s free flowing groove is both buoyant and smooth, setting the perfect foundation for a sequence of tonal creativities and frayed percussion. The main break dials things down even further, melting away into a bed of swirling atmospheres before the thunderous groove returns for a driving finish. Much like 'Firm Resolution' this is a case of less being more, as the sum of it's parts far exceeds expectation and one any dance floor will appreciate as a result. The fourth and final selection ‘Such Is The World’ rounds the release out with a unique meditative quality. Conveying moments of deep rhythmic appeal, it’s another distinctive Kardos groove which shines here, bringing with it waves of effervescent design and hazy harmonic concepts. It’s a narrative which continues to evolve during an arcane break, perfectly transferring energy into warm bassy rumblings and a transcendent peak during the homestretch. Another inspired creation from Paul, who by all accounts looks to capture the imagination of even the most discerning progressive music fans with this dance floor inspired collection. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2YkJEZd

Release Date: 29-07-2019

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