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An overview of the ADE Green program

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The pioneering conference on sustainability, innovation and social change features great speakers, panels and workshops for both the ecologically-minded and those who are yet to be convinced of the value and relevance of sustainable practices.

After recent announcements about our collaboration with The Dutch National Opera and The School of Life's ADE participation, we turn our focus to ADE Green. The event at De Brakke Grond on ADE's Wednesday features a variety of panels and workshops with thought leaders and disruptive minds, here's an overview of what to expect:

  • Researcher Marianne J.E. van der Heijden will be presenting the panel Music As Medicine, where poses the question ‘Is the road to health paved with music?’. She currently works as a researcher at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam where she is part of the Music as Medicine (MAM) research group.
  • Open-House will launch a new program during ADE Green that the organisation developed with the Netherlands Red Cross where festivals will be the testing ground for innovations for refugee camps.

ADE Green is a collaboration between ID&T and ADE, supported by Green Events Nederland, Green Music Initiative, Julie’s Bicycle and Open-House. Don’t miss any updates by signing up for our Green Newsletter.

ADE Green
Date: Wednesday October 19
Venue: De Brakke Grond
Tickets: € 35, available here, also accessible for 1- & 5- day conference ticket holders.

Don't forget to attent our facebook event here.

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