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Of Norway – Chains [Do Not Sit]

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Messages don’t need to be hard-hitting to have an effect; a subtle urgency, insistency and consistency are all you need… As Of Norway prove each and every time.

Well over a decade into their conquests - working with the likes of Darkroom Dubs, Connaisseur, Bedrock, Watergate and many more house music institutions - here we find the duo making their debut on Behrouz’s Do Not Sit On The Furniture with three immaculate, soul-laden pieces that hit all the right emotional spots without so once as a raising its voice over a whisper.

Soft, warm, stately, each cut whisks us away to far-off places; ‘Refraction’ ignites the engine subtly with a sense of uplift and hope. A true light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel tune, all arpeggios and velvety chimes, it sets the scene for the whole EP.

‘Gnomon’ takes us on a trip in the midday sun. Sedate, playful, mystifying and full of percussion, it’s the Norwegian duo in their most explorative mindset before they shut us down on a middle eastern marathon. Weighing in at almost 10 minutes, ‘Chains’ is a midnight locomotive of a track, surging with subtlety, insistency and consistency… And a sparkling top-line that reminds us, as always; you don’t need to be hard hitting to hit people hard. The feels are real on this one.

Buy: bit.ly/2RwTx0P
Release Date: 18-09-2020



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