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More Than Human – Just Ahead [Onestar Records]

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More Than Human makes his debut on Onestar Records with a new single alongside remixes from NuFects and Suntech & Jhonny Lp. Based in Colombia, More Than Human is a new project for Medellin resident Diego Uribe. With a focus on progressive house and melodic techno, Diego now present his first and much anticipated single 'Just Ahead'.

Getting this new project off to a great start More Than Human crafts a sublime slice of ethereal progressive house. The most distinctive thing to note here is a unique vocal narrative which runs through the entire track. Via various phrases and fragments, Diego paints an esoteric storyboard that's perfectly accented with astral arps and trailing effects. Clap delays and tight transitions add nicely to what is a dynamic first act, before smoothly transitioning into a cosmic break. Slowly melting down to a temperate sizzle, its a band of vocal edits which ultimately sets the stage for a powerful drop and exhilarating finale. A unique and inspired track from More Than Human.

The first interpretation of 'Just Ahead' is provided by Nufects who return to the label for their fifth appearance. Hailing from Colombia, Johny Cortez and Carlos Lopez make up the NuFects production duo and last appeared on Onestar with a contribution to the label's 'Medellin Music Week' sampler from March of this year. Also laying claim to releases on Clubsonica Records, ICONYC and Soundteller Records, NuFects now make a welcome return to Onestar with a stellar take on 'Just Ahead'. Making great use of the vocal Johny and Carlos craft a more emotive narrative through poignant melodic motifs and tranquil pads. It all comes together beautifully during the break for a series of heartfelt moments, before a flurry of beats and a wave of noise summons the beats and a vocal snip for a rhythmic finale.

Rounding out the release and providing the second and final interpretation of 'Just Ahead' are Onestar bosses Suntech & Jhonny Lp. This formidable duo have been responsible for some of the label's most memorable tracks thus far, most notably 'Alchemy', 'Undersky' and 'Psychotic Runner'. Now coming together for another excellent collaboration the duo put a pure progressive spin on 'Just Ahead'. Immediately compelling, it's deep chugging groove lays the foundation while hazy harmonics and sparkling designs adorn the percussion heavy framework. Buzzing synths create an electric vibe heading into the break as clustered drums slowly melt away into warm chord changes and charming overlays. A feast for the senses, it proves to be the most emotive moment on the release and thus a perfect way to cap it off in style. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2JQr1mH

Release Date: 15-07-2019

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