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Melody Stranger – Apathy/Dark Sun [Timeless Moment]

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Morttagua’s Timeless Moment welcomes Melody Stranger to the label this week with an excellent EP. The Brazilian artist came up in a major way last year, support from Solomun, Hosh and Pete Tong combined with an appearance on Diynamic made Melody Stranger a name to watch in the nu-progressive landscape. Timeless Moment is a label with it’s finger on the pulse of the freshest progressive talent so it’s no surprise to see them connect with the Brazilian artist here.

Beginning with ‘Apathy’ we get an immediate feel for Melody Stranger’s tight, crunchy sound. It’s rippling low end is warm, full and positively charged while an arrange of electric effects and catchy arps fuel the drive. The subtle vocal elements are a really nice touch, particularly during the break, adding emotion, before an epic finale. The companion piece ‘Dark Sun’ follows suit with it’s ominous yet exhilarating energy. Aptly coined, it’s darker undertones power the machine gun like groove while anthemic stabs should make for some epic moments on the dance floor.

The lone interpretation of ‘Dark Sun’ is provided by Rafael Cerato who is making his label debut. Famed for releases on Diynamic and Systematic, the French artist continues to deliver cutting edge dance floor bombs with frightening consistency. Here he takes the key elements from ‘Dark Sun’ and reinvents them in his own inimitable way. In terms of pure dance floor fire this would have to be considered one of most wickedly contoured grooves of the year. Full of undulating rolls and great character it sets a romping foundation for a journey into the cosmos.

Timeless Moment boss Morttagua also delivers excellence, taking ‘Apathy’ into hypnotic territory. A tougher, reshaped groove brings it closer to the dance floor and the main themes translate perfectly, particularly during a killer third act. The mix is full of clever transitions, almost split up into a series of acts which makes for an exciting and ever-evolving storyboard. Great remix from Morttagua rounding out what is another large release from Timeless Moment.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2HWdN63

Release Date: 05-03-2017

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