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Feature: Johannes Brecht [Interview]

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Hey Johannes, great to chat! Autumn is here - are you someone who likes this season? Does it affect the music you make?

Actually I’m not a big fan of rain ;) Here in Germany it's often rainy in autumn, but I do love to be in the studio while it's raining outside. Winter and Autumn are my favourite times for studio work, and of course it's a completely different mood, which I really love.

How often do you draw on your formal classical training? Is it useful?

Yes it's super useful! The way I do music is a very traditional approach, like with real instruments and real performances. I don’t use loops or something like that. I try to really play and record everything, that’s how it gets artistic, in my opinion.

What gear do you use now, software or real instruments or?

My studio setup is changing all the time. Especially of course the electronic or digital instruments. For me it's about finding special or unusual combinations. Special microphones, traditional ethnic instruments, strange plugins, etc. The combination, for example, of an analog synth with an acoustic string instrument is often wonderful.

You've released often on Diynamic - what's it like being part of such a big label?

Honestly, it does not feel so big to me as we are all very familiar, and there is a great exchange. Especially because my label colleagues are moving in so many different areas, it is super interesting.

Tell us about your new release on Kompakt's sister label KX? How did it come about?

The Ep is called "Dust" and consists of three tracks: "Synesthetic", "Particulate" and "Matter". As you can see from the titles, everything is connected with each other. That's how it is musically. The Ep was a logical process for me, and shows a new facet that is currently important to me. To explore the small parts in single sounds and to sort them completely new, to create new sounds. Fortunately, Michael Mayer fell in love with the tracks and shovelled in a slot on his label.

What inspires you most to make music? Do you see things, with movie, hear a sound in nature and get in the studio, or is it more about making music for a certain time in the club?

Yes, that's exciting. Here, too, everything changes constantly. I had a phase in which I made specific music for my live sets. So at this stage, the frame was really important to me. Now with the current Ep its just the opposite, the frame is irrelevant. Daniel Geiger, a fellow artist, paints wonderful paintings that really inspire me at the time. Therefore, I was very glad that I was allowed to use one of his paintings as artwork for the record!

What have been the best things you have learnt over the course of your career?
That is a difficult question. For me it was wonderful that friendships developed out of a common passion. And of course, I'm definitely grateful that I can rely on my ears and my instincts (mostly).

And what have been the hardest things to overcome?
For me it is sometimes difficult to really stay with me.
I am interested in so many things, and I enjoy working with other artists, so sometimes it is difficult enough to find time for your own projects.

What is next, what are you working on?
Ah, I have some great projects going on right now that I'm really enjoying: There is an Ep scheduled for Steve Bugs Pokerflat Recordings later this year, then I'm working with an avant-garde drummer, Christian Lillinger, we had great summer concerts and want to release a duo record at the beginning of next year. In addition, I will continue my series "Imperfect Moments" now in winter and will release more piano solo pieces, also a sheet music book is being considered.

How do you relax away from music? What do you do to chill?
I love the mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than a mountain hike for sure :)

Johannes ‘Dust’ Ep is out now on KX
Grab it here - https://www.beatport.com/release/dust-ep/2683968


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