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JFR – Kakashi [Soundteller Records]

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The latest release from Deersky's Soundteller Records welcomes JFR to the label for his debut single. Juan Franco Rivero aka JFR hails from Mendoza and has been rising out of Argentina’s progressive house underground since making his debut in 2017. Antrim's Strangers Beats, Madloch's 3rd Avenue and Fernando Ferreyra's Dreamers have been landing spots for his groovy progressive sound. Now following a remix for Massive Harmony Records, JFR debuts on Soundteller with 'Kakashi' alongside remixes from James Monro and Arbey Gonzalez & Kamilo Sanclemente.

Beginning with the Original Mix JFR crafts a timeless slice of progressive house. Sitting at the heart of the creation is a warm, shapely groove and fluid rhythmic core. Energetic and driving, its hopeful nature is inviting as colourful overlays, airy atmospheres and trailing effects make for an engaging journey. The narrative comes to full fruition during the main break, melting down to a collage of hazy harmonies and stunning artefacts, before a quick build sparks a powerful drop and cosmic finale.

Returning to the label and providing the first interpretation is James Monro. 2017 marked the UK artist's first appearance on the Polish imprint with a remix of 'Time and Space' by Hot Tuneik, before returning in 2018 with a stellar rendition of Huminal's 'The Present'. Proton Music has served as a primary home for James' music in recent years, racking up fifteen discography credits for the American powerhouse, while making stops on Digital Structures, Dreaming Awake and onedotsixtwo along the way. Now returning to Soundteller for his third appearance, the Flying Rhino founder delivers a powerful take on 'Kakashi'. A robust rhythmic core coupled with wavy arps and fresh electronics set the pace early, before transitioning into a series of atmospheric swells and effervescent effects. Otherworldly in feel, it's radiant nature rises smoothly, eventually transferring energy into a short but timely break. Sure to capture the imagination of your dance floor, the centrepiece is highlighted by a tension filled build, before pulling back for a moment of calm as the groove drops for a gorgeous conclusion.

The release concludes with a collaborative remix from Arbey Gonzalez & Kamilo Sanclemente. This is the Colombian duo's first project together and Arbey's first ever release as well. Teaming up with one of progressive music's finest artists in Kamilo Sanclemente is never a bad idea and it's turned out beautifully here. Fluid and groovy in equal measure, it’s a mix that carries the sensibility of the original, while adding a sleeker, more emotive vibe. Building subtly, spiralling arps and emotive chord changes elevate mood across the first act, as luminous tones provide a transition into a masterfully constructed break. The interlude is the perfect emotional reservoir for the journey, allowing for moments of hope and reflection to carry out across a heartfelt finale. A stunning rendition from the Colombian duo, rounding out another must have offering from Soundteller Records. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3liWTVc

Release Date: 30-07-2021

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