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Navar – Land of Caya [EDGE]

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EDGE opens their 2021 schedule by welcoming Navar back to the label for a new EP. As one of the underground's most creative talents the Dutch artist has shaped a sound all his own. His emotive musicality and organic design have led to signings on Guy J's Lost & Found Records, Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music, Nick Warren's Hope Recordings and Cid Inc's Replug Records. Navar's 'The Legacy' marked EDGE's inaugural release in October of 2017. Backed by a remix from Guy J, it set the course for the Belgian imprint, which now almost four years later, finds itself amongst progressive music's most highly regarded record labels. Continuing to nurture their cohesive stable of artists, EDGE now welcomes Navar back to the label for a long-awaited showcase entitled 'Land of Caya'.

Composed of three distinctive and equally compelling creations, it is the swirling atmospheres of Land of Caya which get the release underway. Instantly seductive, its a two-and-a-half-minute intro of iridescent harmonics which eventually reveals a storyboard of submerged beats, percussive complexities and fuzzed out melodic concepts. Like much of Navar's most beloved productions it's a track that was sparked from a creative swell, as he explains, "The journey of writing this EP was quite reactionary for me, so 'Land of Caya' followed 'Come As You Are' in sequence and it brought out a darker, more direct creation that looks straight to the dance floor. It is all about balance and on that day I felt this wonderful project that I had just completed with Sarah could use a dark side, as life consists out of this balance."

Diversifying his portfolio further, it is Navar's masterstroke is to collaborate and introduce the sublime vocals of Sarah Chilanti. As a favourite of Guy J for the better part of a year, 'Come As You Are' finds the Dutch artist exploring the patterns of life and how it's important to break out and breathe, to live in the moment, as he describes "This track was born out of the busy life we are in. With most of our days living in a work and social pattern that we get subconsciously locked in, we often tend to forget to stay hybrid and shut it off when we are not working. Thats why the title is 'Come As You Are'. This means that with the little time you've got its most Important to come as you are and live in the moment. Sarah's vocal added exactly what the track needed, a greater depth and ability to see over the horizon, that is the daily grind of everyday life."

Rounding out the release are the spirited vibes of 'Drop the Facade'. With this nine-minute creation it becomes immediately apparent just how far Navar's artistic scope reaches. Pulsating energies move in free-flowing fashion, as impassioned shades and creamy tones dance in timeless suspension through a maze of raining percussion. It's hopeful charm was born out of Navar's reflective outlook on the current state of the world, one where he alludes to what is really important, "It's about the present time, where it's absolutely important to nourish yourself with the information you've been collecting along the way. I mean naturally, we are all interconnected to a source, and I call this reality, where there is no divide or hate based on what or how we think. But instead a place of peace where we wouldn't have so much turmoil with one another. With everything that has happened throughout our time over the last year I feel it's the perfect moment to release this track."

With 'Land of Caya' Navar has added another important piece to his resume, one which gets 2021 off to a great start for the Dutch artist and continues his fruitful relationship with Belgian events brand EDGE.

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Release Date: 30-07-2021

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