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Hardt Antoine – Oktagon [TAU]

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London-based style master Hardt Antoine joins the TAU family for our latest audio excursion. The talented founder of record label and party brand Reculture is of French and West Indian descent, and he brings a unique blend of influences to the musical arena. His diverse tastes are channelled into which he refers to as "sexy evolving melodies over deep, dark techno grooves". With release on Innervisions, Kompakt and Exit Strategy, Antoine has demonstrated his production prowess at the highest level. Now landing on TAU with his first full EP for us, the debonair producer continues to build a sterling rep, while gracing dance floors with the perfect balance of contagious rhythms and emotive arrange- ments...

Many People kicks off with 'Many People Dem', a morose cut with a grumbling low end and the rat-a-tat-tat of organic sounding percussion. The atmosphere builds steadily, with numerous elements added to amplify the growing tension. A simple yet mesmerising melody leads us into the breakdown, where a male vocal appears. We then drop into the second half, with more of the same exquisite programming.

Up next, TAU bosses Adana Twins bring their own flavours to the pot, cooking up a delicious rework of 'Many People Dem'. Their retrofuturist take on the track pumps it full of optimism, with a glittering melody and upbeat rhythms. The vocal gets put through a FX machine, and the breakdown will transport you into the outer regions of space. Are you ready for take off?

Then we have 'Oktagon', a brooding cut that feels taut and insular when it first opens up. As the track progresses, soothing pad work adds depth and emotion. Delicate build up is utilised skillfully as Hardt Antoine adds more and more layers, until the track is ready to pop around the two and a half minute mark. From that moment, it's a sonic adventure, with a symphony of synthesisers and beats taking us on a ride into the unknown. What we do know is that, wherever we're going, it feels oh so good to be travelling there...

Finally, 'NoName' closes the EP. Hardt once again shows off his flair for drum programming on this cut, with distinct rhythmic expression throughout. This cut feels a little more laid back than the others, meandering along with a hypnotic melody and its unusual arrangement adding character. It's organic techno with a confident outlook and a meaningful impact.

Freshness all round here from Hardt Antoine, as TAU continues to deliver electronic music with soul, groove and originality all the way... Magnifique.

Buy: www.tautautau.de/tau045-order-site
Release Date: 30-06-2023



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