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Gaston Ponte – Sorcery [Or Two Strangers]

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Antrim’s Or Two Strangers welcomes Gaston Ponte to the label for his debut EP. With the backing of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Buenos Aires resident remains one of his country’s fastest rising progressive music talents. A selective release schedule has seen the Argentine notch key offerings for Asymmetric Recordings, Balkan Connection, Droid9 and Soundteller Records. Now fresh off his well received ‘Quadrant’ single for Strange Town Recordings, Gaston debuts on Or Two Strangers with ‘Sorcery’.

Made up of three tracks it’s the electric qualities of the title cut which gets the EP off to a great start. Full and fluid, it’s muscular low end, detailed percussion and buzzing rhythms unite for a striking first act. A storyboard of vibrant arps and fragmented effects continue to build the narrative, eventually revealing a tranquil overlay which initiates the main break. As the centrepiece evolves so to does its emotive appeal, with placid atmospheres descending over a bed of effervescent electronics, before a dynamic roll sparks a commanding drop and huge finale.

Continuing the progressive minded ethos of the EP is the second selection ‘The Rules’. Beautifully constructed, its rhythmic core is adorned with clattering drums and billowing tonal themes. It’s a creation which builds through percussive cadence and a well sculpted foundation, making its buoyant nature infectious and perfectly setting up a mind-bending break and groovy final movement.

Adding further depth to the release is it’s final selection ‘Eighth Notes’. Beginning with chunky bass stabs and choppy percussion, it’s deeper design delights as the bassline gets filled in and harmonic layers descend over the framework. Bubbly arps flow through subtle modulation as fragmenting symphonics steal the air leading into the main break. Complete with reflective qualities, the centrepiece sits as the most emotive moment on the release, effortlessly transferring its heartfelt vibeto the dance floor and rounding the EP out on a strong note. A gorgeous collection of music from Gaston, who makes his Or Two Strangers debut in fine style ere.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Fp9NOO

Release Date: 19-10-2020

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