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Feature: GIOKA [Interview]

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The inaugural release on Dreamlife finds label owners Kamilo Sanclemente and Giovanny Aparicio unveiling their new GIOKA alias. With an ethos centred around deep organic house, the Colombian artists start a new journey with the inception of Dreamlife. Backed by a freeform concept, the label looks to nurture new talent, while also playing host to select industry veterans. Now embarking on their debut release it seems only appropriate that Kamilo and Giovanny launch the imprint with a three track showcase from their new GIOKA project. We had a chance to catch up with the Colombian duo just prior to the release in this exclusive interview. Enjoy!

Hi Guys, thanks for sitting with us today! Tell us where in the world you are today and what your plans for the week are.

Hi!! We are both in Cali , Colombia!

Our plans this week are to keep making music! Also to work from home on the details of our new label Dreamlife and it’s first release ¨NOA EP “ which is out on preorder in Beatport now, and out on all platforms 8 June. We are also in the process of finishing mailing out the “Special Edition Vinyl Pack”, it’s had amazing response!!

So first tell us how long have you known each other and how did you first meet?

We met in 2002 at “La Superestación” a radio station in Cali, during the weekend program.

How did you decide to start working on music together? And do you have different roles in the production process?

Kamilo - Making music together came naturally. We never spoke about it, then one day we met at home and ended up making music and understood we had a great musical connection. It worked very well so we knew we had to keep making more music. Yes, we definitely have different roles in production. Giovanny is the percussionist side and I am the melodic part .

Giovanny- It is a great fusion , Kamilo is the atmospheric part, the galaxy, and I am the earth connection , the roots.

This is a very special time for you both as your Dreamlife label has just had its first release. Tell us a bit your plans for the label in terms of sound and how active the label will be.

The label’s sound is organic and melodic, deep house. We plan to release every 2-3 months, always with a vinyl out prior to the digital release.

Not only is this the birth of Dreamlife but also the GIOKA alias for your collaborative productions. How did you decide on the name and is there a special meaning behind it?

We decided to put together the first syllable of our first names : Gio + Ka ( Giovanny - Kamilo)

You guys have worked together in the past on more progressive sounding creations. At what point did your collaborative interest shift towards a deeper, more organic sound?

Giovanny- We decided to create GIOKA because we wanted to explore these deeper more organic sounds, express ourselves differently .

Kamilo- Individually we each still have our own sound ! Kamilo Sanclemente’s sound will continue to be totally progressive.

The first Dreamlife release is a three track EP from your GIOKA alias. The response has been tremendous with support from Be Svendsen, Bedouin, Sabo, Sasha, Nick Warren, Guy J and more. Tell us about the inspiration behind this EP and what were some of your favourite studio tools to create the gorgeous sounds on this release?

Kamilo : The first track “Noa" we conceived from the melody, very deep and sweet inspired in Giovanny’s new born daughter, this was two years ago. The second track “Distraidos” we made specially for a warm up set we did for Hernan Cattaneo in Cali in October 2018. Giovanny played it that day and we used the message from a a poem by Facundo Cabral which we found very inspiring. The third track “Give Me Some” is relatively new, composed of a modern, deep house atmosphere. Velveta took care of the composition of the lyrics and vocals.

Giovanny - Plugins like Diva , Zebra, Hype for the melodic part. We also edited samples and loops for percussions. And we also were very fortunate to have the very talented Velveta on “Give Me Some”!

You’ve also done vinyl for the first release, where can fans buy this? and will there be vinyl on each release or just certain ones?

For the first release we decided to have 50 vinyls cut out in a more artesanal way. We did it with a friend that has a company in Medellin. We wanted to give something extra, an unforgettable souvenir to celebrate the 1st release, with a surprise fourth track in the vinyl.

It had such a great welcome,and they sold out so fast that we have decided from now on to make vinyl available in bigger number with the online distributors that offer this service like Juno and others. We will have a vinyl release month prior to the digital release from now on.

What can you tell us about any upcoming releases from either Dreamlife or GIOKA?

We are now working on the second release for Dreamlife that will feature lots of magic! We are very excited since it features some beautiful tracks, we are currently finalizing who will remix the EP. Then we will have the vinyl release, digital release! We will keep you posted!!

Thanks for the time guys and congrats on the new ventures!

Thank you very much!! Follow us on @dreamlifelabel @giokamusic @kamilosanclemente @djgiovannyaparicio

'Noa is out now on Dreamlife, you can purchase the release here: https://bit.ly/3dvss7B

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