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Ezequiel Arias – Polvo De Estrellas [Melorama Musica]

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Ever-evolving, the creative hub that is Melorama ventures deeper into its multiversal storyline with its third installment, Ezequiel Arias' 'Melomania / Polvo de Estrellas'. Poised for a standout year, the Argentine artist delivers a blistering two-track EP that has been forged in absolute patience by the sands of time.

Imperious, 'Melomania' thrusts us into a perpetual motion cycle with its restless bassline and rock-solid percussive motifs as delightful melodic bursts traverse right through its frame, lighting up like combusting stars as Ezequiel blazes up across some intergalactic highway, somewhere in space. Holding us close in a warm embrace come breakdown, the Argentine creator opens the casements, allowing us to bask in the unique marvels that swirl in a carefree manner around us before a blinding flare propels us deeper into the vast, uncharted corners of the universe. Beyond genres, 'Melomania' showcases once again the constant evolution of an artist that continuously moves through emotions with unrivaled flair.

In the same vein, 'Polvo de Estrellas' is an electrifying ride that expertly balances unbridled vigor with a profound sense of timing. Here, synthetic swells lend a colorful hue to an infectious bassline that twists and turns with pure finesse as it races through a myriad of neon blips and melodic lasers that decorate the environment around us. Following a showstopping break, 'Polvo de Estrellas' resumes with unadulterated, high-octane resolve that is bound to keep clubs swinging with its state-of-the-art effects and shimmering storyline.

A symbol of an artist in his prime, 'Melomania / Polvo de Estrellas' is bound to become one of the cornerstones in a discography that is in perpetual expansion as Ezequiel blurs the boundaries in search of something that has never been seen before.

Buy: https://bit.ly/MLRM003
Release Date: 02-05-2023



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