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Eze Ramirez – Detuned [Radikon]

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The South American wunderkind Eze Ramirez drops another furious firework on our sacred Radikon playgrounds. A gated reverb straight out of the deepest studio chambers of the 80s introduces us to 'Detuned', leading further into a dark dungeon of fizzling synth weirdness. Maxxed out filters are blasting synthetic screams out of the speaker over a stoic beat pattern which nails this track directly into the dancing feet. Over the top one shots interwine with rhythmic patterns played by melody percussion hybrids. 'Cinetica' sticks to the same patterns of juvenile playfulness combined with a cinematic gravitas on the harmonic side, a quasi darker sibling to the predecessor. The constant drive never lets loose of the listener, only a few selected break moments leave rare spaces to breathe. Both tracks prove the staggering talent of the Argentinian producer, blending a whole range of modern electronic genres into a jut out release like this one.

Buy: www.beatport.com/release/detuned/4606723
Release Date: 28-06-2024

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