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Eze Ramirez – Dark Waves [Radikon]

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After the huge impact of 'Highland' we welcome back Argentinian wunderkind Eze Ramirez for our latest output.

Radikon No. 67 opens with a tight 16th note sub frequency thunderstorm, interrupted by synthesized metallic shockswells. 'Dark Waves' is fueled by a variety of hypnotic melody stoicisms twirling around an on point repetitive beat pedestal.

The subsequent 'Celestial' follows in matching footsteps while adding spherical films of melodramatic voice fragments, which resemble the epic and timeless soundtrack works for eminent Sci-Fi masterpieces ranging from 'Ghost in the Shell' to 'Halo'. Meanwhile LFO tweaked Leads serve as the anchors in the wavy sea of modern-day techno productions.

The round up of this tasteful chef recommended menu comes in the form of 'Acid Lead', an uncompromising ode to the dance floor. Classic rave proven drum patterns fusion with a flourishing interplay between punching subs and hooky highs.

Buy: bit.ly/3XqWLEh
Release Date: 30-06-2023



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