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Erhan Yilmaz – Freeze [Baikal Nomads]

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Baikal Nomads is an organic house record label and their new release features two original tracks by Erhan Yilmaz plus stunning remixes from Lello Fusco, Zuma Dionys, Kolomin and Wakhan.

Erhan Yilmaz is a Turkish artist whose music takes influence from the coastal beauty found on the shores of the black sea. His music taste takes influence from genres ranging from folk to disco, and he mixes his love for live instrumentation with electronic beats to create organic house tracks. This is his second time working with Baikal Nomads and his music can also be found on other labels such as trndmsk, Cosmic Awakenings and Kosa.

Lello Fusco is an Italian artist who returns to Baikal Nomads with a downtempo remix in the style he has featured on other imprints such as Tibetania Records, Lump and Camel Riders.

Making a return to Baikal Nomads, Zuma Dionys is a revered organic house artist that is known for the psychedelic music he has featured on the likes of Sol Selectas, Pipe & Pochet and Bar 25.

Kolomin are a duo of brothers that have featured their spellbinding style on scene leading labels such as Underyourskin, KataHaifisch and Exotic Refreshment.

Wākhan is a French artist who is part of the collective that runs O'Tawa Records and along with releases on his own respected imprint, he has also featured on other record labels such as Copy Cow and MONADA.

"Freeze" is first of the original tracks and it's got trippy acid synths layered with sweeping pads, plus flowing percussion to create a mesmerising groove.

"W Street" has sun-drenched guitar licks and a warbling melody synth that is layered over the pitched tones of pulsating rhythms while the deep bassline fills the track with warmth.

Lello Fusco's remix of "W Street" adds a live conga loop and new synth chords that swell with tension as this dramatic rework unfolds.

Zuma Dionys' remix of "Freeze" adds extra percussion to lift the energy, while pan pipes transport the listener to the tropical regions that are the traditional home of this exotic instrument.

Kolomin's rework of W Street works in synthesised strings that like the calm before a storm, add ominous tranquillity underpinned by melodic bass chords, which complement the original's guitar sound to create a cinematic atmosphere.

Wākhan closes out the release with a hallucinogenic remix of Freeze which adds atmospheric textures and mind-bending sounds to the original's trippy groove.

Pick up a copy HERE.


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