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EANP – Kuba EP [Movement Recordings]

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Tash’s Movement Recordings continues its strong summer season with a brand new EP from Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca. Now recording under their EANP alias the duo are fresh off EPs for Francesco Pico’s newly relaunched Magnitude Recordings and Just Movement. Add to that a contribution to MNL’s ‘Seasons | Spring 2018’ collection and the new moniker is already making considerable waves in the underground. Now stepping up for their Movement Recordings debut EANP present their much anticipated ‘Kuba’ EP.

Spread across four compositions it’s the title cut ‘Kuba’ which gets the release underway. Known for their pure progressive sound Ezequiel and Nicolas go dark and groovy with a strong dance floor sensibility. Rhythmic and spacey from the outset it’s chugging framework gets complimented with ghostly vocals and astral effects, before an emotive break tantalizes the senses, perfectly segueing into a heads down finale. ‘Recall’ follows suit with a similar design profile and dark, brooding undertones. A buoyant kick immediately grabs your attention as trails of sonic decay float above the rugged foundation. Eerie and ominous, the main break shifts the narrative into the netherworld before completely melting down for an inspired drop.

At the halfway point of the EP comes ‘Inconceivable’, once again relying on powerful rhythms, it’s chuggy groove is immediately infectious, while a strong percussive complement adds immense drive. The break brings a more poignant feel with delicate motifs taking centre stage, before getting washed away for wispy sonics and a killer drop.

The release concludes with Sweet Paradise ft. Gise Stival which shows the more emotive side of EANP. Anchored by a rolling, subterranean groove it’s the delicate vocal styling's of Gise which resonate deeply throughout the first act. Glistening symphonics add an elegant touch during the main break, intertwining with the vocal perfectly, before smoothly transitioning into a purring finale. Ezequiel and Nicolas have more than solidified the EANP moniker as a source for quality progressive house and this EP only adds to that sentiment. A great debut on Movement Recordings for the Argentinean duo.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2wTmGbV

Release Date: 10-09-2018

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