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Dominik Gehringer – Strange World [Purified]

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Kick-starting 2024 in emphatic fashion, Czech rising star Dominik Gehringer releases his highly-anticipated cut 'Strange World' on Purified Records. Revisiting Push's iconic trance anthem, Dominik's version enters a progressive dimension with masterful synth work and rumbling percussion and has already made a massive impact in sets around the world with its hypnotic presence. The 'Strange World' artwork showcases Daniel Nicholson's spectacular still of a whale shark. Despite their imposing size, whale sharks exude an air of tranquility as they glide through the ocean, mouths agape to filter plankton-rich waters. These magnificent beings are not only the world's largest fish, but they also hold a unique place in marine ecology as gentle filter feeders. Their longevity, reaching up to 70 years, has captured the attention of researchers keen on unraveling the mysteries of their lives. Organizations like the Marine Megafauna Foundation engage in vital conservation efforts, conducting research that not only aids in understanding the species, but also contributes to broader ocean health initiatives. Despite being filter feeders, whale sharks face threats like bycatch, boat strikes, and habitat degradation. Their slow reproductive rate makes them susceptible to population decline. They are listed as endangered according to the IUCN. Located on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Daniel Nicholson is one of the globe's most prominent professional underwater photographers. He seeks to share the beauty and magic of the underwater world to inspire conservation and change. Looking to help further protect the ocean? Explore Only One, the action platform for the planet, on a mission to restore ocean health and tackle the climate crisis — with the power of the people. Whale and Dolphin Conservation IG Handle: @whales_org

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