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DJ Zombi – Crypto Maniacs [Beat Boutique]

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To celebrate Beat Boutique’s 50th release label owner DJ Zombi is back in the spotlight with a new single entitled ‘Crypto Maniacs’. The Israeli artist last appeared on his home imprint just two weeks ago with a remix of ‘Just So You Know’ from Antrim & Some Little Things. Zombi now presents his latest single in celebration of the label’s 50th release alongside remixes from Interaxxis and Zac.

The original mix sits nicely between melodic house and progressive in a way. It’s chunky, chugging groove is perfect for a broad range of dance floors and a wealth of vibrant motifs brighten up the framework considerably. There’s a mild afro influence in the drums which is nice but it’s the overall flow and subtle melodic drive which ultimately wins you over.

The first interpretation is provided by Interaxxis who are making their label debut. Emiliano Folgar & Martin Kazez make up the Interaxxis production duo and have already notched their place amongst the progressive house elite with releases on Hope Recordings, ICONYC, Replug and Sudbeat. Now following a remix for Sahar Z’s ‘Beneath Me’, Interaxxis provide a groovy rendition of ‘Crypto Maniacs’. The tempo comes up a bit and some extra oomph gets injected into the groove but what really shines here are the drum elements. Fresh and organic, they play off the joyful motifs and bouncy rhythmic elements perfectly.

The release concludes with Zac returning to the label for his second appearance. The Brazilian artist made his debut on the Israeli imprint in March of this year with ‘Crystal’, a collaborative project alongside fellow countryman Gabriel Carminatti. Now returning solo Zac closes the release out with a great interpretation of ‘Crypto Maniacs’. Fun, funky and full of great drum fills it’s an energetic first act that leads to a quiet, suspenseful break. A traditional drum roll builds further tension before dropping out to just the kick for what should be a massive dance floor moment. Great remix from Zac which rounds out a memorable 50th release for DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique. Here’s to the next 50.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2HTL1CJ

Release Date: 07-05-2017

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