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Diploid – Incognito [Beat Boutique]

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The latest release from DJ Zombi's Beat Boutique welcomes Diploid back to the label for their debut EP. Oded Kantzuker & Avihai Asraf make up the Diploid production duo and first appeared on Beat Boutique with a contribution to the label's 'Fresh Touch' compilation from January of this year. Now returning for their first artist showcase Diploid present their 'Incognito' EP.

Beginning with the title cut Diploid explores a progressive techno cross pollination with tough beats, a driving groove and mystical electronics. Waves of bass power the foundation while astral arps and cross cultural vocals fill in the framework. A strong percussive complement builds momentum, before stripping down into a timely break, where further cosmic meanderings saturate your senses as the wailing vocal summons the groove for a massive drop.

The second selection ‘Revive’ begins with tight beats and a rippling underbelly. Moving with deliberate momentum, layers of drums and rugged rhythms converge for a hearty rhythmic core. Again quite cosmic in nature, kaleidoscopic arps take centre stage across the first act, before the main break elevates the mood further through emotive chord changes and percussive flurries, eventually ushering in the final act which takes you further into the vortex.

The release concludes with ‘Doctor’ which finds Diploid exploring a deeper side of their repertoire. The tempo comes down and the groove opens up as shifty atmospheres and meditative arps coverage for the ultimate late night jam. Reflective in tone and timeless in execution it rounds out a spectacular EP from the Jerusalem based duo who are certainly a production act to keep a close eye on as 2019 moves forward.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2U0jeWe

Release Date: 08-04-2019

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