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Definition – Raven (Jonas Rathsman Remix) [Definition:Music]

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'Raven', the final of the four tracks and the lead single released alongside a Jonas Rathsman remix, intrigues with chants and empowerment just as much as with its determination and fragility. Falling from the highest heights, Raven lets you rediscover who you are when you hit the ground. Carried by a throbbing four-on- the-floor kick drum and covered in a synth-haze that is hard to resist, you’ll float along, fall and rise with the everlasting wave-like movement of human existence.

Jonas Ratshman's remix of Raven is just as easy to indulge in as the original. With a strong emphasis on offbeat elements and skilfully placed high-end melodic fragments, Ratshman's remix grows into a slightly more dance floor orientated version of the tune. Bright chords and subtly placed vocal crescendo's inviting in forgotten summer feels are complemented by cleverly layered call-response build up's, leading you astray in a maze of your own thoughts whilst dancing the night away. A mellow kick sound that makes you want to move steadily, an early on-set vocal taking you by the hand. This remix is a dreamlike and wistful marriage between pumping low- ends from the techno world and spine-tingling bright pads, driving beats and glistening shimmers of sweet high-end effects. Ratshman has managed to highlight another shade of the original - a co-release that makes for a tempting addition. Raven is demanding. It's like falling out of the sky into deep waters, getting lost and being found, over and over and over.

Buy: bit.ly/39ZO7UH
Release Date: 29-01-2021



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