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Cream & Deep Fog – Palladium [Magnitude Recordings]

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Francesco Pico’s resurgent Magnitude Recordings continues to dominate this summer’s progressive landscape with a new EP from Cream & Deep Fog. The Polish duo have carved out a unique place in the progressive house underground since coming together in 2014. Not a prolific pair by any means, Cream & Deep Fog chose their projects wisely and the surging Magnitude Recordings proves to be the ideal landing spot for their new EP entitled ‘Palladium’.

The release gets underway with the title and showcase piece ‘Palladium’ which finds the duo crafting a peak time bomb. Infectious from the outset, it’s warm, punchy beats and rugged groove set the perfect foundation for a wealth of melodious motifs. Warped and hooky in all the right ways, the lead line brings an edgy feel without losing its core emotive energy. The companion piece ‘Gravity’ comes in a touch deeper as the tempo shifts down for a smoother more laid back feel. Undeniably powerful, it’s heartrending chord changes are timeless in nature and when set against a backdrop of evolving harmonics it’s a match made in sonic heaven.

The lone interpretation on the release is provided by Magnitude label boss Francesco Pico. The Dutch artist made a triumphant return to the spotlight earlier this year and hasn't looked back. Francesco’s ‘Taming Da Echoes’ EP set the comeback in motion and his remix here follows suit, capping the release off in style. The Dutch artist has transformed ‘Palladium’ into a crunchy tech-prog stomper that’s positively electric from start to finish. There’s a live feel to this which makes it all the more vibrant and intriguing. Definitely one for a clued up dance floor and no doubt something that’s going to be heard at the summer festivals.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2NJEgFV

Release Date: 30-07-2017

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