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Chicola – Could Heaven Be (Album) [Lost & Found]

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Chicola, the Israeli veteran producer, unleashes over two decades of music production experience on the excellent 'Could Heaven Be' LP following on from his recent Beatport number one hit single 'Yoav'.

Quote from Chicola:
Many moons ago when I almost gave up on making underground music, I got a phone call from a friend who I haven't heard from in a few years. He asked me if I'd be interested in getting back in the studio and making music together. Looking back on everything it was a life changing moment, that phone conversation was a wakeup call that changed everything and had an amazing impact on where I am today. Since that day I found my true passion again and I feel blessed that somewhere on this journey of life I could listen to my heart and never give up on that dream of making music.

After a few years of releases I started to work on an album in 2016. At that time my wife and I lost a very good friend and shortly thereafter her daughter also passed away.

These tragic events had a huge impact on our lives.

There are some tracks on the album that were tied very closely to those events.

Sometimes music just comes from your heart, almost effortlessly, without any filters or titles, just natural moments you can translate into music, where there is a kind of magic when you turn off your head and open up your heart .

This is where 'Could Heaven Be' comes from.

It's a great honor for me to release my debut album on Lost & Found. It's one of the finest labels around and I feel lucky to be able to release my music there

I want to thank the people in my life who support me when I am in the sun and when I am in the dark.

01. The Moment She Wakes Up (10:22)
02. Serial Killer Mind (06:08)
03. One For The Road (06:54)
04. Could Heaven Be (08:32)
05. The Man Who Died Twice (06:28)
06. When You Told Me (12:41)
07. Yoav (07:44)
08. The Saints Are Coming (07:18)
09. Dead Celebrity's (07:17)
10. Backstabber (08:22)
11. Velvet Afternoon (08:33)
12. If He Thought You Ever Changed Your Mind (06:29)
13. Could Heaven Be (Continuous DJ Mix) (01:18:42)



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