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Betelgeize – El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro [It’s Good To Be A Tree]

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Betelgeize is an artist who is well-established within the organic house scene, and his new release is a seven-track album that incorporates Afro influences.

Those who are familiar with Betelgeize’s music will know of his magical style that fuses dreamy melodies and organic percussion sounds. He has travelled as a professional DJ to play at places like Burning Man, and this new release tells an enchanting story.

The story is a psychedelic tale about a nomadic tribe whose spiritual leader is captured by a black dragon who has evil plans. It’s an imaginary story that is brought to life with the dramatic moods and changing atmosphere of the tracks on the album.

The release opens with “Capítulo I - Vida Pacifica” which is an Afro house track featuring captivating vocals by IKVA, who also features on two of the other tracks. After the scene setting energy of the first track, which paints audio pictures of the tribe’s busy lifestyle. Next comes the tension of “Capítulo II - Parábola Del Chamán” that starts to tell the story of the dragon’s influence upon the tribe.

All of the tracks have a sun-drenched sound that represents the desert landscape where the album’s story is set, and many of the tracks have a dance floor orientated energy, but tracks like “Capítulo II - Parábola Del Chamán” are a little more mood-setting.

It’s best to listen to the album to get a full feel for the story it tells, but it’s an experimental body of music that is great for home listening. Although, there also dance floor orientated tracks that will no doubt find their way into numerous DJ sets.

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