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Berni Turletti & Matias Chilano – Identity / Sarayu [Higher States]

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Roger Martinez's Higher States concludes a successful year by welcoming Berni Turletti & Matias Chilano to the label for their debut EP. Perhaps best known for his releases on Sudbeat Music and The Soundgarden is Berni Turletti. With the backing of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Cordoba resident has been tipped as one of progressive music's future stars. Similarly, Argentinean artist Matias Chilano has spent time on the genre's premiere imprints, most notably Sudbeat Music and Replug Records, while earning praise from Guy J and Patrice Baumel. Having worked together once previously for an EP on Juicebox Music, Berni and Matias now partner up once again for their Higher States debut 'Identity / Sarayu'.

Drawing on a variety of smooth rhythmic concepts the EP begins with 'Identity'. On a backbone of warm, buoyant beats comes mounds of perfectly contoured bass and a lively percussive cadence. Fluid yet electric, an atmospheric glow encases the framework, as timely stabs and effervescent effects unite in a perfect sonic marriage. The narrative shifts as energetic pulses initiate the main break, with buzzing sonics gently rising alongside the main melody, as the beats drop for a spirited finale.

The companion piece 'Sarayu' continues the progressive minded vibes of its predecessor. Vibrant stabs and spacey effects sit atop a full, rolling groove as the journey commences. Wintry overlays elevate mood as the first act evolves, perfectly setting the stage for an elastic-like arp to push momentum into the breakdown. Furthering its emotive appeal, the centrepiece melts down into a striking melody; reflective in nature, the cascading theme provides heartfelt moments, perfectly setting up a gentle crescendo as the groove gallops towards a stirring final movement.

With 'Identity' and 'Sarayu', Berni Turletti & Matias Chilano continue to build on their creative synergy, delivering two creations that will be firmly etched in the hearts of progressive music fans, rounding out a successful year for Roger Martinez's Higher States.

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Release Date: 14-12-2020

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