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Bastian Bux Feat. Hxnter – Edenvale [Suara]

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"I always say that I write music when I’m sad, thoughtful or angry. My inspiration always comes from this kind of negative feelings. We live in a moment where you only need to switch on TV to get mad about something, so there’s plenty of an inspiration source for me nowadays. I feel like if we live in some Orwellian dystopian nightmare, and I hate the fact that nobody seems to care about this.

Edenvale, for example, is a critic to all these people who believes in everything that appears on mass media, losing their own criteria. Legal Impunity is an uncomfortable and "hard to listen” song, it makes me feel anxiety, like all these news about high profile criminals (politicians, influential people and even police…) doing whatever they want in front of us with total impunity, and this song is the result of thinking that they don’t play with the same rules as the rest of us. The Game is a tense, repetitive and somehow psychotic track that reminds me the way that me and most of us live, being conscious of all this facts without changing nothing. I did all these songs while being angry, that’s for sure.

On the other side, Glauben and Somia are the tracks were I can find my own hope, and I think that’s why these are my own favs. It’s been hard to find inspiration in the music that has been released recently, so I’ve found myself digging into classics, and really old tunes to find new colours for my music. This simple, minimalistic and raw flavour of the early electronic music tracks inspired me a lot to create the five songs in this EP."

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Release Date: 09-07-2018

► Suara ♫

► Bastian Bux ♫

01. Bastian Bux - The Game (Original MIx)
02. Bastian Bux - Somia (Original Mix)
03. Bastian Bux - Edenvale feat. Hxnter (Original Mix)
04. Bastian Bux - Glauben (Original Mix)
05. Bastian Bux - Legal Impunity (Original Mix)



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