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Audioglider – Even a Stopped Clock [Another Life Music]

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Another Life edge closer to the summer season by welcoming Audioglider to the label for his debut single. The UK artist has been a fixture of the progressive music underground since first arriving just over a decade ago. Regarded as one of the genre’s more creative artists, the London resident often drifts outside the movement's traditional barriers, incorporating deeper, esoteric and even shoegaze elements in his music. Releases on ICONYC, Soundteller Records, Stellar Fountain and Sudbeat beam brightly from his well kept discography, as he looks forward to 2020's third quarter. Now following a release on Chris Cargo's If You Wait imprint, Audioglider debuts on Another Life with 'Even a Stopped Clock' alongside remixes from Ge Bruny, Kenshi Kamaro and Stan Seba.

Beginning with the original Audioglider moves into deeper territory with a redolent groove, smooth rhythms and dreamy vocal wails. It’s both alluring and mysterious, with wispy effects and beefy drums advancing the narrative across the first act, before smoothly seguing into the main break. Never losing sight of the dance floor, breakbeat rhythms and shuffling percussion lay the framework for warm bass swells and hopeful pads to work their magic. It’s rhythmic power stays locked throughout, before a striking moment ignites a finale of quirky stabs and vocal overlays. Stunning stuff from Audioglider.

The first interpretation of 'Even a Stopped Clock' is provided by Ge Bruny who makes his label debut. The Brazilian artist first appeared in 2017 with releases on ICONYC and OLD SQL Recordings where his classic take on the progressive genre was well received. Fast forward three years and Ge has now added Dear Deer, Or Two Strangers and Proton's Particles to his discography. His Another Life debut is perhaps long overdue and he does it in style with a powerful rendition of 'Even a Stopped Clock'. Taking straighter aim at the dancefloor, Ge Bruny crafts a tougher more direct groove and waves of rippling bass. Vocal drifts and spacey arps make for a dreamy first act, while percussive splashes and grainy sweeps perfectly segue into the main break. Spanning nearly a minute in length, the interlude is one of introspection and emotion, backed by a solemn air and laced with detailed designs, it effortlessly elevates mood before a gentle rush cues a melodic finale.

Another Life stalwart Kenshi Kamaro is up next following an excellent EP for Polyptych. The Swiss artist is now making his eighth appearance on the Swiss imprint while also spending time on 3rd Avenue, Clinique Recordings and Deepersense Music. Quickly becoming a household name in the progressive music landscape, Kenshi now puts his remixing skills on display with a quality interpretation of 'Even a Stopped Clock'. Setting the piece in motion is a bed bulbous beats and a maze of intricate percussion. A growling underbelly elevates mood through nostalgic chord changes as layers of arps and processed vocals flow through the framework. Poignant tones and percussive flurries continue to bend the narrative, adding emotion and tension, before a tense main break and impactful drop shift energy into a tastefully tranquil third act.

Rounding out the release and providing the third and final interpretation of 'Even a Stopped Clock' is Stan Seba. It's been a busy year thus far for the Korean artist, having made his Another Life debut in February while also landing releases on Bevel Rec and Inception. Now returning to Another Life for the third time in four months Stan dials in an excellent take on 'Even a Stopped Clock'. The transcendent energy from the original translates really well with a perfectly contoured low end ultimately setting the pace. The dreamy qualities have been dubbed down a touch across the first act, with a greater emphasis on rhythm and groove. Lying at the heart of the track however is an interlude that sits comfortably between the surreal and emotive, shifting the narrative nicely, eventually capping the release off with a reflective finale. A superb remix from Stan which concludes an excellent label debut for Audioglider and another must have release from the burgeoning Swiss imprint. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 31-05-2020

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