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Arude – Nocturne [Radikon]

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A harsh kick drum slices its stompy way through the snowy dust which covers the Radikon headquarter in early winter Berlin. Ukrainian polytalent 'Arude' counteracts any form of upcoming Christmas romanticism with a his upcoming dance floor magnet titled 'Nocturne'.

The namegiver is a celebration of the strobe lit habitats of all technoid counterpolulation. Drums and bass perform a stoic dance maneuver on the down- and offbeats, topped with a seasoning of sawtoothy melodies. A small break offers a pause for breathing halfway through, just before another rush of bass breaks loose.

'Your Move' starts off on a playful rhythmic fairground with a not particularly subtle invitation to give it all on the floor. The simple off bass doesn’t move a millimeter from the root note, leaving plenty of room for all other elements to shine: Glidy arpeggios, wide intense pads, FX’ed voices. All in all 'Arude' creates a nostalgic longing for the maximal house movement of the late 2000s.

Buy: www.beatport.com/release/nocturne/4366323
Release Date: 26-01-2024

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