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ALMA (GER) – Desires (Jonas Saalbach Remix) [Radikon]

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For Catalog 69, Radikon is proud to welcome back the bold & dynamic Berlin producer duo ALMA. 'Desires' includes two sublime original tracks and a powderkeg remix by label co-founder Jonas Saalbach. ALMA's drums-forward, percussive style is front-and-center right off the starting line with 'Desires'. Concrete grit textures, nostalgic pulses and cyclic noises set the atmosphere for delicate, almost vulnerable vocals while a hypnotic arpeggio moves the listener in a sine arc of emotions. Skintight percussion and melancholic synth pads wrap the groove tightly around its elemental core. Next in the package is Jonas Saalbach's title track rework. Precision-targeted directly at this summer's steamy dancefloors, this remix delivers and in spades. Thundering bass, crunchy hats, epic synths, all steadily and methodically build up charge and tension, a battery of tightly wound steel coils. And when it is finally and explosively unleashed, the consequences are nothing less than shattering. Rounding out the package is 'Heart of Glass' beginning with ALMA's unmistakable kick/snare signature, a taut 16ths bassline joins the fray with just the slightest hint of acid before we are again treated to transcendent, washed out and haunting vocals. Stabs and dreamy plucks layer into sweet melodies which converge only to disintegrate away like vortices of mist, as the vocalist transports us through a dreamy break and into an irresistible climax for this massive 9 minute opus that leaves us still longing for even more.

Buy: bit.ly/3QuzpMg
Release Date: 11-08-2023



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