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Alex O’Rion – Nostalgia [Solis Records]

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Alex O'Rion

Alex O'Rion is a stalwart of the progressive house scene, not only for his epic DJ sets, but also for his stellar productions on highly influential record labels such as Hernan Cattaneo's SUDBEAT and Guy J's Lost & Found.

Known for his uplifting mix of body moving drums and soul-shaking melodies, his new release is a delectable album that showcases the deeper side of his sound.

Nostalgia is Alex O'Rion’s new studio album, and it’s a beautiful selection including 13 original tracks, and a bonus track in the form of an unreleased remix. After a deep and organic opening track called “Elephant,” the album majestically transcends upwards, as each track cranks up the energy a tiny bit while shifting with flows of emotion.

The release has a delicate and intimate sound that unfolds like the leaves of a flower coming into bloom for the first time. Tracks like “Horizon” have moody undertones, but the twinkling melodies ensure that the atmosphere never gets too dark.

Describing the concept behind the album’s production, Alex O’Rion said: "The album 'Nostalgia' gets its name because it reflects a sentiment that has grown stronger as I've aged. Fondly reminiscing about the music of a younger me, I often sense a certain soulfulness lacking in today's electronic music. In an attempt to explore this feeling, I went on a bit of a self-reset and a touch of reinvention. This involved changing my usual routines and adopting some old-school methods, such as sampling beats and instruments from vintage vinyl records, blending them with my current sound. The album is intended to feel personal and intimate for my listeners. I aimed to create a moment of intimacy, as if they are listening to the songs alongside me while on their way home."

Having achieved his production goals, this album by Alex O'Rion is a spellbinding body of music, and it certainly has the timeless sound he was trying to achieve. This album is best filed under the progressive house genre, but it’s of an exceptional quality that most electronic music fans will find appealing.

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