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AIKON – Energy Control [TAU]

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Our Ukrainian brother AIKON returns for a four-track excursion into the future of the past (or is it the past of the future?). Embodying the timeless ethos of TAU’s core sound, this EP is a surefire winner. AIKON has been a busy bee lately, with releases on Diynamic, Renaissance, Exploited and multinotes, among others. It’s great to have him back with us here at TAU, we’re sure you’re going to bop your head to this all through summer and beyond...

The EP gets grooving with its title track, ‘Energy Control’. At the low end there’s a gentle hum, nudged along by punchy beats. Acid flecks reverberate in the background, while a repetitive vocal clip gives the cut its enchanting character. Get ready for the extended breakdown, leading into a bombastic second half with a highly emotive riff designed to give you goosebumps.

Up next is ‘Come Together’, which utilises organic sounding percussion alongside a muted b-line. The vocal tells us “It’s time to come together” repeatedly, as if urging us to embrace unity... Layers of urgent melody are added, giving the track a dramatic quality. AIKON allows us sometime for a breather, before heading into the latter part of the track for more strutting on the dance floor.

‘Rattles’ follows up, opening with a deep bass rhythm. The atmosphere is tense and a little unsettling, with layers of percussion adding to the
track’s dynamic nature. An emotionally-charged breakdown showcases AIKON’s musicality, before we dive back into the depths of the low end

Lastly, ‘Space Adventure’ takes us on a cosmic head trip. After a pensive start, we encounter a funkafied bassline which is complemented by a
bright sparkling melody, which evokes the feeling of a shuttle docking with a space station while orbiting a distant planet. The progression and sonic narrative on this cut are perfectly matched with the title, AIKON guiding us through space with his impeccable composition..

Buy: www.tautautau.de/tau044-order-site
Release Date: 19-05-2023



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