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about : river – Three Drops of Dopamine [Sound Avenue]

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Madloch's Sound Avenue continues a strong Spring season by welcoming about:river back to the label for their debut EP. The Estonian duo is a unique collaborative project between father and son. Conceptualized by father Oleg in 2018, the following year saw his 12-year-old son Ervin join the project. Initially a clarinet and keyboard player, Ervin quickly became a committed member of the project, contributing not only to live performances but also in the creative process, writing the main themes of their musical creations. Their productions tell a dynamic and sometimes epic story that happens to be set in a dance-groove environment. Since first emerging, the duo's fresh style has continued to delight both their fans and contemporaries, with the world's premiere electronic music tastemakers championing their work. Having made their Sound Avenue debut in August of 2021 with a remix of Nopi's 'Flatter', about:river now makes a welcome return to the label with a three-track showcase entitled 'Three Drops of Dopamine'.

Opener 'One Word' is an apt barometer of where about:river's headspace is at, letting atmospheric refrains blanket buoyant beats and a forest of immaculately manicured percussion. The duo's instinctive ability to craft transcendent storyboards is reaffirmed with stunning effects and incandescent fragments marrying beautifully, providing an engaging five-minute journey that is equal parts colourful and emotive.

Moving forward and more reflective still are the pacey beats and heartrending themes of 'Two Oceans'. A mesmerizing dance floor jaunt powered by welcoming sonics and exhilaratingly unpredictable atmospheres. Its adventurous spirit is something about:river relishes in, as the duo continues to flex their free-thinking muscles, and in turn nails that rare compositional balance of musicality and groove.

Continuing on a hopeful monochrome is the whimsical sound-art of the collection's closer 'Three Glasses of Wine'. Enthusiastic and upbeat, it's a composition that further cements about:river's elusive vision, as florid beginnings morph into a meditative, consciousness-expanding conversion of musical ideas. It's thrilling pulse and soulful dynamism provide a much-needed dance floor curveball for the more adventurous selectors out there, one which breaks preconceptions and made-up minds, making about:river's music such an addictive pill to swallow.

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Release Date: 09-05-2021

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