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about : river – 24 Years Apart [Sound Avenue]

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Presenting their first and much anticipated artist album, about:river returns to Sound Avenue with long player '24 Years Apart'. Based in Estonia, about:river is a unique collaborative project between father and son. Conceptualized by father Oleg in 2018, the following year saw his 12-year-old son Ervin join the project. Initially a clarinet and keyboard player, Ervin quickly became a committed member of the project, contributing not only to live performances but also in the creative process, writing the main themes of their musical creations. Their productions tell a dynamic and sometimes epic story that happens to be set in a dance-groove environment. Since first emerging, the duo's fresh style has continued to delight both their fans and contemporaries, with the world's premiere electronic music tastemakers championing their work. An initial bond with Sound Avenue began in 2021 when the duo took to remodeling Nopi's 'Flatter', before going on to release the thematic three tracker 'Three Drops of Dopamine' earlier this year. With twenty-four years separating this elusive father and son duo, it seems only fitting that they unveil the biggest project of their young careers via Sound Avenue, an expansive audio travelogue appropriately titled '24 Years Apart'.

Comprised of twelve distinctive and equally compelling creations, it is the deep, nourishing sounds of' 'Seven Cats' which sets the tone for the album. Instantly seductive, its delicate beats and dulcet pianos provide the perfect prelude to 'Frozen'. As the album's first showcase piece, about:river flexes their free thinking muscles with evolving, emotional and hypnotizing structures, allowing the listener to relish in the groove, building anticipation towards an array of colourful keys and warm atmospheric phrasing. Continuing to diversify their portfolio, selection three 'Snowing Inside' lands as the collection's second showcase piece and finds the duo at the peak of their creative powers, juxtaposing soulful instrumentation over exotic drum arrangements for a heartfelt seven-minute journey. Meanwhile, on 'Two Birds' dusty percussion flickers through misty textural refrains, while melancholic keys paint a wondrous rustic landscape.

about: river's knack for storytelling resonates across selection five, the aptly titled 'Moonlight'. Full of detail and idiosyncrasies, it's a dimly lit voyage where the duo explores a storyboard of glassy motifs, balmy swells and meandering musical coactions. A perfect mood to introduce the eager optimism of 'Pluck', a near eight minute piece where about:river reaffirms their ability to tip a dance floor over the edge through pulsating grooves, cascading aquatics and playful acid lines. Moving forward, 'Disappeared' maintains a confident club energy, carrying that momentum from its predecessor and plunging you into a wormhole of rebounding rhythms, kaleidoscopic melodies and frayed textural bliss. The duo's relentless curiosity for rhythmic experimentation basks in retro-radiance on 'Underworld', as broken beats, nasally lines and timely piano stabs emerge from a delirious blur of harmonic fragments.

Beneath the hopeful qualities of 'Underworld' lies the enchanted realities of 'Dropped', a swing-heavy drawl where Mediterranean motifs marry buoyant acid lines and creamy tones for the collection's third showcase piece. More elusive yet is 'Never Forget', building with a balmy majesty, its smoky resonance and riveting beats make you think but also feel, conjuring up bucolic visions, perhaps from a time we've yet to experience. These echoes of extra-dimensional sound salvage tastefully melt down into the heartrending concepts of 'Keep Awake'. Evoking a utopian style ecstasy, its limitless exhalation perfectly sets up the album's closer '24 Years Apart'. Pitched somewhere comfortably between dreamy reverie and symphonic bliss, its reflective nature is apt, planting gentle mounds of serotonin throughout, and in turn cementing an impressive debut long player from the inimitable duo.

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Release Date: 31-10-2022

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