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Weird Sounding Dude – Dreamers [Strangers Beats]

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Or Two Strangers offshoot Strangers Beats continues a strong start with a new EP from Weird Sounding Dude. Long one of India's most intriguing artists, the Bangalore resident has recently found a home on Juicebox Music, If You Wait and Strange Town Recordings. Now landing on Antrim's burgeoning Strangers Beats, Weird Sounding Dude presents his 'Dreamers' EP.

Although regarded for being diverse in his output at times, the title track sits right in the heart of pure progressive territory. Set against a throbbing groove the piece rolls forward with a dramatic fervour, as warm bass swells, astral effects and phasing sonics converge for cosmic nirvana. Evolving with a veteran's savvy, the narrative expands in the main break, as wonky bass tones and an effervescent lead create an energy bridge into a pulsating final act. Excelling almost solely because of rhythm and groove, expect this to go down extremely well on the dance floor.

The companion piece 'Eden' rounds the release out with more of an emotive sensibility. Once again the low end is full, warm and incredibly rich in character, perfectly contoured it powers what is a percussive, swing heavy framework. Gentle overlays work wonders to open up your emotive centres, slowing growing in spirit before ultimately peaking during the break and getting washed away into a wave of warm beats. For those that believe the spirit of progressive house is very much alive look no further than these two cuts. Void of any boisterous (and often times unnecessary) lead themes, these are made with heart of the dance floor in mind. Excellent work from Weird Sounding Dude. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2kTn0Fs

Release Date: 23-09-2019

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