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The Cobb – Voda [-102C]

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Following up the excellent 'Rose', -102C label manager The Cobb returns with a new single entitled 'Voda'. 'Voda' marks the second installment of a special 'Elements' series whereby the The Cobb creates a track to represent one of the four elements alongside a remix from Dmitry Molosh. It's quite an ambitious project and one which has likely not been done before. The release of 'Veter' (Wind) got the series underway in September and now 'Voda' (Water) arrives with equal fanfare and a remix from progressive music star Dmitry Molosh.

The Cobb's ability to shift from organic house to progressive house and back has been noted across the year and he continues to impress coming off the release of his darker, progressive creation 'Reflection'. 'Voda' hits the mark early with wonderful, nature motifs, heavenly vocal choirs and soulful strings. What will make it work so well on the dance floor however is a well constructed framework. From a warm, full and character rich groove to a wide array of exotic drum elements there is a lot to like here. The addition of a spine tingling arp following the break works amazingly well with it's organic surroundings and impassioned phrasing, the later of which continues to emerge across a sunrise worthy finale.

Returning to the label for the lone remix is Dmitry Molosh who continues to have his most prolific year to date. A strong bond between the Belarus based artist and Deepwibe Underground/-102C has led to several memorable releases with this four remix 'Elements' project being the most unique and ambitious thus far. It's one that has allowed Dmitry some creative freedom in a way as he continues to explore a more organic palette. For 'Voda' Dmitry has dramatically reworked the track and the results are quite spectacular, with dynamic beats and a big, chunky groove laying the groundwork early on. The transcendent sounds of nature remain and set the perfect backdrop for a storyboard of goosebump worthy arps and melodies to work their magic. Simplicity is the key when you have elements that are this strong and the space with which they have to breathe is so critical. Dmitry's experience both as a DJ and producer are evident here, as he has crafted a near perfect morning record that should bring many memorable moments to dance floors all over the world in the coming months. For those that love emotional electronic music that translates well in a club setting you'd be hard pressed to find something more impactful that this. A wonderful release from The Cobb, Dmitry Molosh and -102C. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 12-11-2021

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