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Slow Hearts – Endless EP [Magician On Duty]

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Slow Hearts makes their debut on Magician on Duty this week with ‘Endless’. Although the German duo’s output is quite low it has only made them all the more revered in the underground. The highly touted pair has a meticulous discography highlighted by releases on Constant Circles, Crossfrontier Audio and Steyoyoke. Now after a almost a year and a half hiatus Slow Hearts return with a hugely anticipated EP courtesy of Magician on Duty.

It’s clear the Slow Hearts sound has been evolving during the hiatus. They are an intriguing production act who has never really stuck to a particular blueprint and it appears they are embracing the deep dreamy house movement much more. The lead track ‘Endless’ is beautifully constructed with wistful, hypnotic qualities and an evolving storyboard which comes to full fruition during a dramatic yet emotive break. This is one of the those tracks where the sum of its parts exceeds all expectations.

The companion piece ‘Wondering in Hopeful Nights’ is dream house at its absolute best. Not only is it beautifully titled but the enchanting vibe which emanates from its core is quite impassioned. Indistinct vocals combined with drifting motifs and a gorgeous harmonic disposition make this an absolute joy to listen or dance to. Timeless and beautiful music from Slow Hearts who we can only hope have more new productions on the way soon. A great signing from Magician On Duty.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2JHXHwy

Release Date: 20-07-2017

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