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Ric Niels – Psyncopath [Proportion]

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A rising star from South America, Ric Niels has lit up the progressive house scene over the past three years. Now joining the Proportion roster, the Argentinean artist releases his “Pirate / Psyncopath” EP.

Renowned for his evocative and emotive sound, Ric Niels has found himself courted by some of the finest modern imprints through his fusing of analogue and digital synths to create a blend of deep, organic and tech sounds. As such, his music has found a welcome home on such celebrated imprints as The Soundgarden, Particles, Plaisirs Sonores and Mango Alley. Almost a half-century of production credits can thus be found for the latter in both solo and collaborative guises with Ric seeing work with Dowden, The Wash and Mango himself grace the Russian imprint.

Supported by an elite DJ cast list that includes the likes of Nick Warren, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo and Henry Saiz, it is not difficult to see why the Argentinean from Chaco Province has continued to be such a sought-after producer within the progressive house fraternity. Opening his Proportion account with a scintillating musical diptych, “Pirate” immediately grabs listener attention with its pounding beat and deep bassline groove. Light percussive touches pervade the dense sonic layers as trademark melodic prowess reveals itself through a dynamic dancefloor backdrop. Cascading synth lines and delay-infused arpeggios ripple across the soundstage, coming to the fore at a striped back breakdown before a growling bass riff heralds an exciting final movement full of potency and drive.

Pulling the listener in with a shaker-fuelled percussive line and chest-thumping kick, “Psyncopath” provides the hallmark rhythmic poise for which Ric Niels has become renowned for. Full of sinister menace, a creeping bassline pattern and textured pads swim dizzyingly across the stereo spectrum in the early stages before a filtered arpeggio wends its way onto the main stage with poise and verve. Infused with white-noise at a mid-point chock full of sonic layers and captivating melodic characters, the final movement drives effortlessly forward as the hypnotic groove once again finds it mark.

Lighting up the stage on Proportion, Ric Niels delivers another moment of mesmerising magic with his “Pirate / Psyncopath” EP.

Buy: bit.ly/3WkS3qM
Release Date: 26-05-2023



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