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REX & LYDA – Paradisus [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain opens the final month of 2021 by welcoming REX & LYDA to the label for their debut single. Hailing from Colombia, REX & LYDA first appeared in 2018 with a single via Barking At Night. It's playful energy and whimsical charm eventually led to a 2021 release on Indie Dance powerhouse NYLO. Now looking to showcase a deeper side of their studio repertoire, REX & LYDA debut on Stellar Fountain with 'Paradisus', alongside remixes from Devrient and Leon Lobato.

The original mix shows what versatile producers REX & LYDA are with a distinct lean into organic house territory. One thing that carries over from their more indie inspired works is an enthusiastic vibe and whimsical flair. Holding this youthful sounding musicality together is a bevy of exotic drum elements and a moderately Mediterranean motif chain, while a distinctive cross cultural vocal serves to usher in a funk fuelled finale.

Also making his label debut and providing the first remix is Devrient. Although early into his career as a producer, the Argentinean artist has already featured on Various Artists collections from NCTRNL and The Purr. Now embarking on his fist official remix, Devrient delivers a gorgeous rendition of 'Paradisus'. Staying true to the spirit of the original, Devrient takes straighter aim at the dance floor with a smooth, driving groove, while chopping up the vocal and musical elements for a tighter more rhythmic overall.

Capping off this trio of Stellar Fountain debutantes is Leon Lebato who provides the second and final interpretation of 'Paradisus'. The Mexican artist first came to our attention last year with his 'Tahja' EP, released courtesy of Jelly For The Babies excellent RYNTH imprint. Also finding a home on 3rd Avenue, Seven Villas and Where The Heart Is, Leon now adds Stellar Fountain to his resume with a powerful interpretation of 'Paradisus'. Perhaps the most progressive inspired version on the release, Leon crafts a big, muscular groove to carry LYDA's silky vocals, while a bevy of surreal sounding motifs drifts above. For those that like a cosmic sensibility to their organic house this will most certainly fit the bill and concludes a well rounded release once again for Stellar Fountain, a label who has found new life in 2021 with a focus on organic house. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 03-12-2021

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