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Replicanth, Ismaehl, Dark Soul Project – Sumeria [Nature Rec]

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The fifth release on Nature Rec finds Replicanth, Ismaehl and Dark Soul Project collaborating on two standout tracks. Hailing from Mexico and Argentina, this trio of producers has amassed an impressive discography across their solo careers. Releases for Akbal Music, Asymmetric Recordings, Beatfreak, Monday Social and Proton Music have all been standout projects in recent years. Now joining forces, the trio lands on Nature Rec. with 'Sumeria', alongside remixes from Leo Perez & Dhany G, Armandhe and NAHS.

Beginning with the title selection Replicanth and Dark Soul Project explore a gorgeous blend of progressive grooves, organic percussion and cross cultural themes. Warm beats and layers of exotic drums set the foundation for a narrative of Sumerian motifs and devilish stabs. Expertly intertwined across the first act, the musicality and spirit continue to rise, before eventually coming to full fruition during a tense break and driving conclusion. The companion piece finds occasional studio partner's Replicanth and Ismaehl presenting their latest entitled 'Alithir'. Moving more into organic house territory now, the duo craft an amalgamation of free flowing organics and soulful vocal wails which unite for a captivating story, touching the listener with moments of hope, reflection and otherworldliness, as a bed of rolling beats and dusty percussion translates that message to the dance floor.

Two remixes of 'Sumeria' are also included by the talented Leo Perez & Dhany G and Armandhe. As far as notable progressive house production duo's go, Leo Perez and Dhany G are continuing to win over the genre's fans with their groovy, organic creations. The Cuba x Panama connection is only getting stronger with each outing and their 'Sumeria' interpretation adds another exquisite piece to their discography. The tempo shifts down from the original and the framework opens up for a deeper, more exotic sound, all while maintaining the cross cultural spirit of the original in a more cosmic sense. Meanwhile Colombian talent Armandhe takes a different approach, adding further depth to the release with and even deeper and groovier rendition. Rhythm and flow are at a premium here, while the main musical themes remain less distinct and a bit below the surface. It's misty delivery is where the magic lies, subtly and restraint can go a long way in electronic music when it's done right and it certainly has been here.

Rounding out the release with the lone interpretation of 'Alithir' is Argentinean artist NAHS. The Buenos Aires resident keeps the progressive spirit alive with a version that incorporates some of the best qualities of not only the original mix but the stylistic blueprints it takes inspiration from. Bouncy, exotic and undeniably groovy, NAHS has crafted another winner with a great nose for the dance floor. A fitting way to cap off an excellent collaborative project from Replicanth, Ismaehl and Dark Soul Project. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 04-06-2021

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