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Paul Kardos – Monsoon / Chestnut / Cranny [Armadillo Records]

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Guy J's Armadillo Records continues a great year by welcoming Paul Kardos to the label for his debut EP. The Hungarian artist is regarded as one of his countries premiere progressive house talents. Releases on Nick Warren's Hope Recordings, Balkan Connection and Soundteller Records highlight his discography. Now we get to see the electronica inspired side of Paul as makes his Armadillo debut with 'Monsoon'.

Spread across three tracks, the release begins with the dubby beats and nature themeatics of it’s title cut. Free and flowing across a five minute running time, it’s a collage of uniquely processed and wonderfully clustered melodic fragments. It's rainfall backdrop is transcendent, melding perfectly with colourful harmonics and acting as the perfect vehicle to deliver it's spiritual message.

Meanwhile, 'Chestnut' brings the mood and tempo up a touch with organic breakbeats, gentle spirals and a chromatic warmth that draws you in as the journey progresses. Complete with memorable motifs and auditory bliss, your brain’s pleasure centre’s will be thanking you for taking part in this one.

Rounding out the release is another mid tempo stunner entitled 'Cranny'. Once again set on a bed of fragmented beats and fresh rhythmic structures, it's astral designs flow freely and become quite compelling, building a wall of effervescent warmth, before meditative melodies blanket the framework for a gentle crescendo to cap off the EP. There’s a unique spirit locked inside these tracks, one of depth and emotion, making this release a joy to listen to several times over and thus a great Armadillo debut for Paul Kardos. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2QLjwm4

Release Date: 25-11-2019

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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